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Reload POI From Local Resource


 I am currently having problems on reloading POI from Local Resource. 

As i used code

// reload places from content source
reloadPlaces: function reloadPlacesFn() {
if (!World.isRequestingData) {
if (World.userLocation) {
World.requestDataFromLocal(World.userLocation.latitude, World.userLocation.longitude);
alert('Location received');
} else {
World.updateStatusMessage('Unknown user-location.', true);
} else {
World.updateStatusMessage('Already requesing places...', true);
}, Which only says Unknown user location after tapping reload option. Can any one help me to solve this problem. Regards, Hemraj

Hi Hemraj,

You get this message because you are not feeding any POIs to your application when you hit the reload button. What I suggest you do is download our sample (from the download page) and follow the example 6.4 Reloading POI Data in order to examine the whole code and how to achieve that. Please note that in this example we are re-loading data from a web service so you need to modify your code in order to load them locally.



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Actually I am asking you to provide me a code to reload POI from local resources. And I know about the documentation which reload POI from server. 



Hello Hemraj,

I am sorry but we do not provide any other code samples apart from those that you can find on our documentation. If you understand how to reload POIs from a web service then loading them locally is pretty much the same thing.



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