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Adding light to a 3D model

Adding light to a 3D model

I am trying to export a 3D model with a light source in the fbx format from Cinema 4D to Wikitude Encoder.

The problem I have is that the model looks nice in Cinema, but when I export it to fbx I only get light on one of the sides in Wikitude.

Meaning all other sides then the one that is directly hit by the light is dark.

If I try to add more then one lightsource it seems that Wikitude ignores them (only supports one of the light sources).


Is there anyone who know what needs to be done do set light correctly on a 3D model to make the fbx model render correctly in Wikitude Encoder (so that all sides of the model get light).


PS: Basically I want the same effect which is on the car sample Wikitude. But I only have this in the wt3 format (and not fbx).



Didnt get this to work.

Attached is the fbx we use. In Wikitude Encoder you will see the lightning issue!Avrx2fedtA3io1hITsVbKHuXRBTy

The light source only lights the faces which are oriented towards the light source. 

Currently only one light source is allowed/taken into account by Wikitude3dEncoder.

If you want to avoid black, unlit faces, try specifying an ambient light source (usally a property of the scene) and adjust the faces' materials to use that ambient light source. That is, set an ambient light source color and the ambient color of the materials.

(What my colleague referred to in the last posting only applies to Blender.)

Note: If you use a point light source, the position of light source matters. Your light source is placed at the origin, that is, within the house.

We have made a fbx model of a garage and we have the issue with dark sides.

Would it be possible for you to show us how this can be achieved on the attached fbx model?

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