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Not recognising image after first time install

Not recognising image after first time install



I'm facing an issue that I've not faced before. I had the app installed on a friend's iPhone. He can run it, but he can't recognise markers. I asked him to close the app (double tap Home button, then swipe up to close app), then run it again, and then he can recognise the markers.


I tried to look for answers, and I found this:, and it seems that Nicola have answered it, but I do not have any white spaces in the license key. Then I found this:, which seemed like the same issue, but there was no response.


The WikitudeSDK.framework that I am using is the one generated from Wikitude Studio for Offline App. It was generated just an hour ago, so it should be the latest one.


It is an annoyance if the user has to run, then close, then only start to use the app, so I was hoping you can help me with this.



The only difference that I can think of is that after first time install, a message pops up asking if the user would grant Camera access to the app. Could that be why somehow the SDK can't recognise images?

Can I somehow re-initiate the SDK?

I should also add that I'm doing the following:


Hi Euwing,


we have investigated this issue and could reproduce it. The Wikitude Studio exporting process will receive an update soon, which should fix this particular issue. I will notify you using this thread when the update has gone live.


Kind regards


THAT IS AWESOME! Hope to receive the update soon!

Can you also point out which code has issues just so I can replace the code, and not have to download the project template? Cause if I have to download the project template, then I have to re-add my own codes, and that is a high risk.

Let me know, thanks!
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