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Unity 3D Tracking Object Placement

Unity 3D Tracking Object Placement

Hi guys, I have been testing with the Unity 3d tracking features and I am quite confused about how Wikitude is defining the 3D cordinates to place the the AR Object (for example the Eye into the default wikitued demo scene). What I want to know is if there is a way to know into the editor, how the objecti will going to be placed (position and rotation) when launching the 3D tracking app. Right now I am testing with the 3d tracking default scene and each time I rotate the AR Object ( I have replaced the default eye by another mesh), it didnt rotate as expected into the App, so I want to know how can I predict the way it will going to be placed or if I am doing something wrong or if there is a workflow to achieve that.

Another doubt I have is because I dont have anything inside the scene to use as reference when using 3d tracking, how should I know if the object will going to looks smaller or bigger? is there a way to know that too? or it is a matter of trial and error?






When running 3d tracking, a new map is recorded every time, so the exact position and rotation of the origin cannot be known ahead of time. What you can do is place the object at runtime, based on where the camera is looking or user input. Other than that, it is a matter of trial and error at the moment, but we are working on improving that.

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