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How to draw images or 3d model in native ios after target is recognized?

How to draw images or 3d model in native ios after target is recognized?

Hi Team,

I downloaded the iOS Wikitude SDK native examples and executed the code. I now tried to create a simple iOS application to track an image and show some details when the image is recognized. The client recognition part is sucess, but after that i don't know how to show an image/video inside the camera view. I searched through many different Wikitude Documentations, but all of the image/video drawables code seems to be written in javascript and not in objective c. Currently I am stuck in the below delegate method.

- (void)baseTracker:(nonnull WTBaseTracker *)baseTracker didRecognizedTarget:(nonnull WTImageTarget *)recognizedTarget


    NSLog(@"recognized target '%@'", );

    _isTracking = YES;




 I want to show an image or video in this delegate method and that too in objective c. How can i implement it? Any help is greatly appreciated.


Jencir C J


Hi Jencir C J,
The Wikitude Native SDK does not include any rendering components. As you can see in our examples, augmentations are drawn in OpenGL ES 2. You can either render your video or image using Open GL ES 2 (there are plenty of tutorials on the web) or use the OpenGL matrix, provided in the callback you mentioned, to transform an iOS view into the correct perspective so that is appears to be an augmentation. For the second option, the following thread in our forum might be helpful.

Best regards,

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