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points of interest POI

points of interest POI

good afternoon , I have a question about working interer points in wikitude , I sseguido documentation , I used one of these examples.

  but I can not get to see some point , I'm working with plug cordova .

I have to add code or some other function somewhere in the native code.

I have several days trying and I can not .
I'd appreciate your help.



What exactly is the problem when you try the POI samples? Did you check all of these samples:

Point of Interest

Retrieving POI data

Browsing POIs


Do you see any POIs when you run these? If not please make sure that you have GPS enabled on your phone so you get a location fix. Another reason might be that your phone doesn't have a magnetometer, which is a needed sensor, to make geobased AR possible.


hello, if I intantado with each example in the documentation, but I do not get any POI to run the app from a cell phone, I then trying to emulator android, and I get that you have found a pocision but does not show any point.


which is not the problem.



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