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Unity plug-in issue with camera on Android

Unity plug-in issue with camera on Android


We are using the Unity plug-in to build a mobile app with multple scenes. We have a license for SDK Pro +, and we have received a key to enable the plug-in, based on the iOS bundle ID. We are able to successfully build and run the app on iOS/iPad. We would like to also build and run the app on Android just for testing purposes, but when we do so, the live camera view does not appear for AR scenes. All we see is a blank screen with the background color of the Wikitude scene camera. We have tried:

- graphics API set to Open GL ES 2.0 only

- the only camera in the scene is the Wikitude Camera

- added the camera permissions and device access to the Android Manifest file

Do we need to ask for a separate key to enable the app on Android? or should the same key work since we have the SDK Pro + subscription?

Thank you,


Further information. Attached AndroidManifest.xml, device specs: Galaxy Tab S2, Android version 5.1.1, model number SM-T810, Build Number LMY47X.T810XXU2BPB1

Hello Sal,

In order to build the application for Android you would also need to send over the package name to so that we can also generate the license key for Android.

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