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Question regarding the license plans

Question regarding the license plans

Hello Wikitude,

I was looking through the various license plans offered by you. I'm currently working on a trial version of JavaScript API SDK. But in all the licenses Native API SDK is being offered. Please share the license plans which offer JavaScript API as I wish to work using this API. Please reply urgently.


Hi Kritika,

You can download the license plan you wish, since this can be integrated both with Javascript API or Native API. So basically what you need to do is go to our online store and choose the SDK product you wish from there and then you can simply add the license key you will receive for the specific product you have chosen in the Javascript API files.


Thanks for the reply

So the license generated after the payment will be valid for both Native API SDK & JavaScript API SDK, right?

Also, this license is on per app basis or using one license we can publish more than one app??

Thanks a lot.

One more query, the license is valid for onely one app or one can publish more than one app per license?

Yes that is correct. You can see all the information regarding our products on the online store. If you wish to develop more than one app then you need to buy Wikitude SDK Unlimited.
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