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On click function is rendering on load

On click function is rendering on load

I am trying to add some images overaly augmentations dynamically. It is working great but when I am integrating click function its rendering when the World is load, its not responding as a click function. 


Here is the sample code 


for (var i =  0; i < AugmentedData.length; i++ ){


Overlay = new AR.ImageDrawable(TargetImage, OverlayScaleFloat, {

onClick: urlClickLink(),

offsetX: OverlayImageOffsetXFloat,

offsetY: OverlayImageOffsetYFloat,




this.trackable =  new AR.Trackable2DObject(this.tracker, AugmentedData.TargetTitle, {

drawables: {

cam: Overlay







urlClickLink: function urlClickLink () {





Hi salman,
I'm not sure if I understood you correctly. Do you have problems with onClick trigger not firing or ImageDrawables not rendered?

With our latest SDK release earlier this week we fixed a rare case where ImageDrawables were not rendered after the application paused/resumed or the Architect World was loaded for a second or third time. 

Please try out our latest release and send us some feedback if it resolved your problems or not.

Best regards,

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