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Wikitude 3D Encoder problem

Wikitude 3D Encoder problem

If you have an fbx you can load it into a 3D modeler and edit it. 

Adding a default light source won't help since there is already a light source. It causes the back of the door to be dark since it's the backface in relation to the light source.  

OK, but i cant't edit the model. I've to use it.

It's possible to add light programmatically?

Currently, only one light source is allowed per mesh/node. The light source used for a node is determined by the scene node's hierarchy. A light source is applied to all nodes in the same branch of the tree, either on the same level (siblings) or below (children).

Thus, you can apply the two light source by putting the nodes of the front and the back of the door into different branches and add the light source to those branches. 


I've a 3d model with lamps on both side, but the back of the model is totally dark.

I'm using the latest version of wikitude 3d encoder and in other 3d tools from other companies the model works fine.

How can i solve this problem?

Thank you.

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