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Sensor calibration

Sensor calibration

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Hi all,

I am looking for a way to add more fiability in the sensors data and implement a calibration process such as Calman filter or so.

I'm working with GeoPoints but fluidity of the movement is a little hazardous, sometimes the points are going backwards, or jumping. However i get a better motion fiability on the tablet (Galaxy Note) than the phone (Galaxy S7)

Is there a way for me to implement a calibrationning process or is it all inside the sdk ?

What are the factors to better / worse motion tracking ?

I also may have understood that it could come from my internet source, wifi / 3G, like one is more accurate than the other for the location data and as a result it interfere with the motion sensors

If somebody could enlight me on such matters i'd be glad to hear what could be done and not be done to get a better fluidity in the device motion

Thanks in advance


The aquisition of sensor data is handled within the sdk and can't be set from outside the sdk. The accuracy is mainly dependent on the characteristics of the sensors in the device (mainly compass, gyro and accelerometer). Especially devices with gyrsocope tend to give better results. Also the vicinity to magnets can badly influence the accuracy of the integrated compass.

Hope this helps,

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