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Playing Video in Image

Playing Video in Image

How can i play video that using  video and image both in the server side?

please help

Hello Buddika,

Can you please clarify what is it that you want to do? Do you want to target an image and display a video? Then you could refer to the documentation here to see how you can achieve such a thing. 

Thank you

actually i want to load the image and .wtc files from the server to app.

And video also from the server side.Is there any example eva.

Sorry i forgot to mention that im develop app using cordova

Hi Buddika,

Anything you need to know you can find in the documentation here. You only need to upload your wtc target, images and videos on the assets folder and then you can refer to the documentation I provided you for all the details. 

Yes eva i read the documentation and create the wikitude sample project.and when video in the asset floder video play in overlay mode.

but when i change the url video not playing.this my js file

Hello Buddika,

Instead of this line 

var video = new AR.VideoDrawable(""", 0.4, {

you should remove the " and write this

var video = new AR.VideoDrawable("", 0.4, {

k thanks that was my mistake i will check

finally it works.sorry for wasting valueble time of u to my mistake
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