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Media Encoder Unexpected File Type

Media Encoder Unexpected File Type


I always get the "Unexpcted File Type" error message when importing a fbx. I work with the latest Encoder version from your website. The fbx is only a simple cube, generated in Cinema 4D R17.

Can you send us the fbx?

Do you have the option of selecting different FBX formats/versions?

Ja hier ist die Datei, ist nur ein Würfel ohne Materialien. Ich arbeite mit Cinema 4D und  habs als FBX 7.4 exportiert.


We have to update the Autodesk FBX SDK used to decode .fbx files. Will be included in the next release of the Wikitude3dEncoder.

In between you will have to export to a lower FBX format version.

No luck with that as well :(

Here is a 2012 FBX. Can you give it a try?

Even converting an OBJ with the Autodesk FBX Converter does not work. Unexpected file type.

Which version of the FBX converter are you using? 


Autodesk FBX Converter ver. 2013.2


Are there any prerequisites to run the wikitude encoder that I have missed?

Prerequisites ... in general, no.

3DsMax often causes problems in terms of animations. But a static model should work (as long as the FBX version is supported). I have to take a closer look. Obviously this shouldn't cause a crash or "unsupported file format" error. 

However, may take some days. Will come back to you. If you found a solution on the 3DsMax side let me know.

Cinema 4D not 3DS Max.

What is causing the import to fail is that the material indices of the 12 polygons (triangles) of the cube are negative. There is one material in the fbx, but it's not referenced.

Could you check in your 3D modeling app whether a material is assigned to the cube?

Well yeah, I have a simple C4D material assigned to the cube. The cube itself is converted to a polygonal object.

Here is the C4D file in case you can open it.

So, from you point of view the material settings are correct?

From the fbx content point of view the material is not assigned. 

You have the material definitely assigned to the cube's polygons? If not, can you try that?

Yes, I tried that. Here is the fbx that I created from the C4D file in the previous post.
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