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3D models compatibility - Urgent Reply Needed

3D models compatibility - Urgent Reply Needed

Hi All, I am trying to add custom 3D models into my app (IN 3d models at geolocations) , how ever I literally have zero experience of working on 3D models i am just randomly downloading Models and importing them into wikitude 3d encoder, which later exports it to .wt3 format.
As of now I have tried many models, and not a single one of them has worked correctly like in the app, i can deal with the size using scaling properties but What I can't handle is colour, wikitude discard's most of the models color making it "Grey" or "black and white"

What I need help is how should I know a model will work perfectly with the app, i.e both in size and color,, Like the given **earth.wt3** model works,
In some cases after runnig the app the screen will turn completly black showing only the models no camera preview and i don't know whats happening

Should i build my own model, if yes, then what should i keep in my mind i.e ** Parameters , constraints ** etc, I'll first have to learn how to use a 3d model software which of course would be Auto desk MAYA, but I'm trying to avoid this as this will consume much of my time.

Any sort of help would be appreciated
Urgent reply needed, Thanks in advance !!

Did you check your 3D model with Autodesk FBX Reviewer?

A black screen doesn't mean that the camera image is not rendered. It may be covered by a black 3D model which covers the whole screen. Try different scaling values. 

A black/white 3D model may be caused by a missing or misplaced light source. Try to add a directional light source. 

In general, if you are not familiar with 3D modeling we recommend to use existing 3D models. 

If a 3D model looks different than in the FBX Reviewer or causes problems during the import (i.e. errors or warnings) you can send us the file and we cann have a look at it.

I haven't tried FBX reviewer yet. but YES i did try changing scaling values as the models were too big so I had to set values like
x = 0.0005  y= 0.0005  z=0.00005, The model in this case were colured but They turned the screen black, i will now check these models on AUTO DESK maya

Thanks for your reply 
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