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OpenSSL upgrade - Google Play notification

OpenSSL upgrade - Google Play notification


Could you please send us more information regarding the issues you are facing? For example, what are the errors that you are receiving when you are trying to build the app?

Thank you 

I just built and ran the Wikitude PhoneGap sample application using the plugin files provided in this thread without any issues. Could you please provide additional information regarding your failed builds (build log, error messages)?


We have tried the refered download link in the previous post (Cordova/PhoneGap plugin), but it didn't work, we failed to build it.

We just replaced it into new plugin (we were told to do so), but is there anything else that we have to do?

Thank you.


Hi Takamitsu,

You can refer to the download link from the above post for Cordova/PhoneGap plugin.


We belive that you will upgrade OpenSSL for Cordova plugin, too.

Could you tell us the estimate date that you can upgrade it for Cordova plugin?

Now we are creating smartphone application and that is scheduled to publish on Juny 11th, so we are worrying whether we can keep enough time to replace into new plugin or not.



Will the Titanium plugin also get this update?

What is very soon? 5 days? 10 days? 30 days?

Hi Lidya,

Yes we're working on the update currently and it should be available soon.




I have got similar warning from Google play:

i uploaded the update of my app to google play yesterday that has wikitude component in it.

Im using latest SDK 5, cordova Version 5.1.4-3.2.1 15.03.2016. 

May i know how to approach this? is there going to be new release to fix this soon?


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