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Disable model rotation

Disable model rotation


I've a 3D model mapped on a target. It works but how can i disable the rotation of the model even when the marker in rotated?

Simply i want to have 3D object in front position even the marker is scanned from behind.

I read the documentation about model and target and i didn't find anything like "rotation disabled".

I think i've to use a trick, like reading the target orientation and rotate my model depending on it, but how can i do this? Any suggestion?

It's currently not possible to have a 3D model following the target without being oriented according to the target position and orientation. 

The extension to configure the orientation of a 3D model is scheduled for SDK 6. However, this will not be available before fall 2016.

There is way to access and modify the orientation matrix of the target by using an SDK plugin. Then, however, your plugin has to take car of the rendering of the 3D model. The SDK 3D model rendering cannot be used anymore in this case. 
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