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Use a remote camera

Use a remote camera


I have never used Wikitude framework so far, and I am wondering if it can fit our needs for our Android project.

We would like to add some AR to a camera stream, but not on the camera of the device our app will be deployed on.

Instead, we want to add AR on a remote camera stream (in real-time).

To sum up : 2 devices A and B. Device A send camera stream to device B, and B display on its own screen the A's stream with some AR on it.

Is it possible to do with Wikitude ?

Hi, any news about this feature? 

Hi Philipp,

I m also looking forward to see this new feature.



While it won't be April, we are pretty close to the next release including this feature.

Couldn't find the answer yet...


we are working on a feature internally called "Input Plugins", which will allow you to write a plugin that provides custom camera frames to the Wikitude SDK. You can then freely define what information you send to the Wikitude SDK and what information you render as well. Expect the feature to roll out in the next version of Wikitude SDK during April.
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