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Not recognizing multiple targets

Not recognizing multiple targets

Hey everyone,

I am having a problem with modifying the sample wikitude project of multiple targets recognition. I have ten photos in the target collection and all of them are recognizible if I use one overlay for every photo. However, I want every photo to have an unique overlay. As you can see in the attached js file, there is one unique AR.Trackable2DObject for each reference image I want to track/augment. However, only the top two images are recognized and it is surprising to note that it does not matter which photos they are. Only the top two (imgOne and imgTwo in this js) are recognized and their respective overlays are displayed. 

I would really appreciate if someone can provide some insights and thoughts on this. It is driving me crazy. 

Best Regards,


Please implement AR.ImageResource's onError callback in order to find out whether the assets are accessible.
Also try decreasing the dimensions of your png files you use.

In case you plan to augment a large number of targets loading all assets on experience start is not the best choice.
I recommend you to define a single tracker and a single Trackable2DObject with a wildcard "*" as targetName.
in onEnter/ExitFieldOfVision you will then receive the targetName as first param. You can then create a ImageResource/Drawable and add it to the camDrawables. Ensure to remove augmentations of previously scanned target and destroy them accordingly first (Compare CloudReco's SDK sample approach).
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