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Augmentations on 3d Scene

Augmentations on 3d Scene

I am using the Native ios SDK to load a 3d (wtm) map.  I have successfully loaded the map file and can rocognize the image.  Now I would like to augment dynamic text onto the scene.  Is there any example code that demonstrates how to augment objects, in particular text, to the scene?  

As far as I can see the augmentations use openGL, is it possible to augment text with openGL?


Thanks for the help

Hi Collin,
You have multiple options:

* Use a text rendering library that is OpenGL ES 2 compatible

* Use a UILabel to render the text dynamically into a OpenGL ES 2 texture and then render the texture

* Use a UILabel and the 4x4 matrices that are provided by the Wikitude SDK to position the UILable in 3d space (This thread might be helpful)

I would suggest solution one or three, depending on your needs and available time.

Best regards

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