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compass sensor issue

compass sensor issue


I am using wikitude cordova plugin.

I found some wrong when using geo location.

compass cannot get right direction when device in vertical.

It displays north when I facing south.


I did some test, the result like this:

wikitude v4.1.0-3.1.0 + iphone6 + vertical ??OK

wikitude v4.1.0-3.1.0 + iphone6 + horizontal ??Wrong

wikitude v5.1.1-3.2.1 + iphone6 + vertical ??Wrong

wikitude v4.1.0-3.1.0 + iphone6 + horizontal ??OK

wikitude v4.1.0-3.1.0 + galaxy S5 + vertical ??OK

wikitude v4.1.0-3.1.0 + galaxy S5 + horizontal ??OK

wikitude v5.0.0-3.1.0 + galaxy S5 + vertical ??OK

wikitude v5.0.0-3.1.0 + galaxy S5 + horizontal ??OK

wikitude v5.1.1-3.2.1 + galaxy S5 + vertical ??OK

wikitude v5.1.1-3.2.1 + galaxy S5 + horizontal ??OK



Is it bug  for ios ?

Please tell me how to fix it, thanks

Hi Nakasha,
We have an update ready for publishment in the next couple of days (probably early next week) which fixes a bug in iOS regarding compass orientation. Please have a look at our download page/newsletter for further information.

Best regards

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