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Wikitude Sample doesn't work

Wikitude Sample doesn't work

Had the same problem for an old project compiling for a unique device (android 4.4.2) with android-studio :

- Make sure you have wikitudesdk.jar in <your-project-folder>/app/libs/ folder
- Make a copy of wikitudesdk.jar somewhere on your desktop and rename it to
- Extract it, then rename the `libs` folder to `lib`
- Move the new `lib` folder to <your-project-folder>/app/libs/ folder
- Zip the `lib` folder
- Rename the zip to armeabi.jar
- Add the line compile fileTree(include: ['*.jar'], dir: 'libs') into dependencies{} in your build.gradle from your module
- Clean your project then Build>Build project
- Go to <your-project-folder>/app/build/outputs/apk/
- Open the generated .apk ('app-debug.apk' in my case) with a zip-extractor (e.g 7zip)
- Navigate to /lib folder and make sure '' file is present in the architecture folders (e.g /lib/armeabi-v7a/,  /lib/armeabi/  or /lib/x86/)
- Then, in Android Studio, add this code System.load("data/data/<you-package-name>/lib/");  * before loading/inflating your ArchitectView (in my case, I'm using a fragment to take care of all the Wikitude stuff, so I put this code in a overridden 'onCreate' method)

* you can make sure this is the right path by debuging the app on a device, and launching those adb commands from your console :
> adb shell
> run-as fr.icom.pavillonindustrie
> cd /data/data/fr.icom.pavillonindustrie/
> ls
and see if is there

That's it.
Hope it helps people dealing with old projects like me ;)


Hello Adrian.

Thank you very much for posting your solution here! The Wikitude community surely appreciates it!


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