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A Problem With IOS SDK

A Problem With IOS SDK

I use The WikitudeSdk for IOS with 5.1.0


there are two ViewController that one is main viewController and another is WIkitudeViewController in the app.


there is button A that is in main viewcontroller to present into WiKitude view controller,and so there is another button B that is in WiKitude viewcontroller to dismiss viewcontroller and return back to the main viewcontroller.


Nowday, I have a series problem ! When I present into WiKitude viewcontroller and return back to main viewcontroller, I couldn't back into Wikitude viewcontroller once again,if I try to do ,the app would be trashed.


The reason is 


      self.architectView = ;  Thread 1:signal SIGABAT


The arcHitectView is Crate Twice, and when i dimissViewController,the architectView did not dealloced!


How can I do for release there architectview?

you can have a look at the iOS example application which is part of the SDK package and check the implementation there.

For testing purpose you can set the environment variable 'WTSDKDisableDeallocValidation' to YES to disable a check which leads to the crash.

Best regards


Thanks, but I do not know 'set the environment variable 'WTSDKDisableDeallocValidation' to YES ' Meaning?it's will be used in 'info.list' or others?


You can set the variable in the Manage Scheme view => Attributes.


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