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Trial License Key showing error

Trial License Key showing error

Hello Team Wikitude,      I am Trying to enter the License Key in the code snippet below in the onCreate() method directly as a string within quotes(Ex- onCreate(Final "Key")). But it shows me an error. I am completely new to wikitude SDK and Android Studio but I very much want to explore the Wikitude SDK, so a little help would be much appreciated :) .                                                        Here is the Code Snippet:  In the Documentation it is mentioned to enter the trial key as a string.

protected void onCreate( final Bundle savedInstanceState) {

Hi Danish,

Here you have the code line that shows where to put the key:

final StartupConfiguration config = new StartupConfiguration( * license key */ );

So you'll need to put the key in here. You also can find details on where to put the key here



Thank you for such an early reply. I tried to use the code line you gave like the code below : But i am getting errors like :        Cannot resolve symbol 'StartupConfiguration' ; Field Config is never used ; mehod onCreate(StartupConfiguration) is never used ; Character string literal is too long(for the key). M really stuck at this thing, need help. Thanks in advance and Happy Thanksgiving :)

public class AugmentedReality extends AppCompatActivity {

final StartupConfiguration config = new StartupConfiguration( 'pazS8SSqgLWaK2JFnSzWzCibb2R4bgn1Bm08Z/FqD3XLODJqvCU11oBTSedpxbGIOA01X0qrpSY69fgwO0d9wgBVU5X0Ry8knxqXhkjWcdaeOe8jPcFE2PjieeW92a6dSMdkAaexucqMN28+GfY+70KsMtcG3N3EnbR5qdumBFVTYWx0ZWRfXxPWccoQSnDVdh3+gvlBvsRlMiC9hDtEOVaSnS8oRogVyISCzBSZ26lAW3+uonOvVpxDPR+UGnewZ0ZF4b2Iospq8RmPQmkrNH0qIkg7aW2Dm4RS9QOSjRFsAwq2mShcn/8UCuhpRu+fI8p2opL2XXokg0UilJOIVM4b0u7b8oN0JbDAhmWaJGQKNDoxzRgfNl/hw9ZDjVnAgD0gjy0yx1bea491obDV6QC7NGmNzRsK1J4eonPHTFP1UJhNjaZDrYg8JUmGeRGuttchOZrq8B3fjN3Wm679g2XP9YiKBnx2Tcf7leqTdpWAsYc5LO5ndrcKh8523jE0SppsHC7brKdUH/Ay95DL8NcJIa2Ua9jyL62BoLUjuwgo0nqgZkUcggscdAFtUfXSTmRqeQIvf8xc/SavrE7QdLtZUC0L1z5vEPN7WvZ93hKiLvxhJFh49E31VcTwijze9NLy/GS+YuEJCAeQnOYwQqcT+An5OkCg5BPqKJ7Ka7vY2HYy83+RUgjMsfd5tUCB' );

protected void onCreate( final StartupConfiguration config) {
super.onCreate(final StartupConfiguration);


The best is to work with the sample app and check the source code together with the documentation section. Have a look at the source code and check where and how to enter the license key.


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