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Some problems when using the sample "Combine Client Recognition and POIs"

Some problems when using the sample "Combine Client Recognition and POIs"


I tried the sample code 'Client Recognition' and 'POI', it ran successfully.

then I want to combine location based ar with vision based scenes using the sample 'Combine Client Recognition and POIs',

When I run it without modifying the code, there are some problems.

It can't locate and there is no 'gps' sign on the top of phone screen.

if I give the longitude and latitude directly, it can recognize the image and the buttons are on it.

When I modify the code  "requiredFeatures": ( which means change the order of the two strings in the array ) in the 'sampleIndices.js',

it can detect the location automatically but image recognization is broken.

and I find in the '2dtrackingandgeo.js', IrAndGeo.tracker.isLoaded() is always 'FALSE'.

I don't know why the two requiredFeatures can't load sucessfully at the same time.



Hi PeiJam Lin,

you are right this does not work in the current plugin version, thank you very much for pointing it out. I already had a look and the issue will be fixed soon.

It is an easy fix which you could do yourself too if you don't want to wait.

In the Java file com.wikitude.phonegap.WikitudePlugin change the following:

Change Line 614 to:

feature = (String) jsonArray.get(i);


Change Line 740 to:

if ((features & StartupConfiguration.Features.Geo) == StartupConfiguration.Features.Geo) {


Thank you and best regards,
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