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Capture screen with mode - ios native

Capture screen with mode - ios native

Hello Team,

 I have working with Wikitude sdk. In that I have one problem when we capture the screen using "WTScreenshotCaptureMode_CamAndWebView" this mode. We wanted to know how to pass the bundle path for this. In your sdk there is one point mentioned "saveMode Defines how the captured screenshot should be processed. Possible ways are to save it to the Photo Library, to a specific bundle directory or to receive a delegate call where the image is passed in." So please help us 'how to create the bundle path and save capture screen.

Thanks in advance!





Hi Pravin,
The documentation for WTScreenshotSaveMode_BundleDirectory should be very helpful ;)

The generated screenshot will be saved in the application bundle. File name and path can be passed into the -captureScreenWithMode:usingSaveMode:saveOptions:context: method by the context dictionary. The key for the NSString object is kWTScreenshotBundleDirectoryKey.


So simply define the kWTScreenshotBundleDirectoryKey key in the context dictionary and set the value to the path you want the file to be saved to.


Best regards

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