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Video Drawable (overlay) autoplay issues

Video Drawable (overlay) autoplay issues

video (overlay) drawables that specify "autoplay" as true, seem broken, unless the project you load has only one target and only one "video" augmentation.

projects with multiple targets, each with a video drawable, but only one specified as "autoplay" cause the same behavior.

Example: (load this url in wikitude app, or in your SDK v5 app)

targets used:


As well, I noticed that convert.js seems to not be updated to account for SDK v5.

I am mostly using Titanium/Javascript.  If you have dis-similar experiences with iOS native or android native projects, please let me know.

Hi Phillipp,
Sorry for my late response, but maybe you're still interested in some feedback.

First, exported Studio projects should now work with the SDK 5.

Regarding your second question: Have you tried to implement an Architect World yourself which plays multiple videos on autoplay? It might be that it is only a Studio issue. 
If you could send us a demo project (Architect World) where we can reproduce the issue, I would be happy to have a look on it.

Best regards

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