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Cannot import my 3D FBX model

Cannot import my 3D FBX model

My model could be downloaded from

and every time I tried to import this model in 3D encoder, it shown :

.Unexpected file type

.Converting the 3d model failed

What's going on? And I sent several mails thought website contact form, but nothing back, all I wanna know it what I needa pay for removing the "trial" watermark.

Could any kindness ppl here could help?

No one here could help?


you should have received an answer to your email via the contact form by my colleague Paula on the same day. Regarding the FBX error - did you validate your 3D model using the free tool FBX Reviewer by Autodesk? How does the model look there.

I finally figure out wats wrong here.

the PATH name! It could only and must full english path, no other Chinese/Japanese charaters inside.
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