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how to acces the AR class in Untity3D

how to acces the AR class in Untity3D

hi guys,

I want to build an app with wikitude using PoI's but I can seem to figure out how to acces the AR(chitect) class used in the examples for android/iOs. What do they use in Unity for it?


the Unity plugin currently only supports image recognition and tracking based use-cases. Geo location based cases are currently not supported. Have a look at the JavaScript API and the samples there.

alright, so I made a java file, where I include the com.wikitude.architect class, can I from that java file, an object on a geo location, and then get those coordinates?

so basicly in the android api example they all make their objects with the AR. class, how can I acces that? Right now I can pass anything between my cs and my java class, but I cant seem to create the GeoObject in my java class, and I can only seem to find javaScript examples, I am just completly lost here...

I would like to achieve something like:

in my Unity .cs file:

var geoObject1 = new AR.GeoObject(geoLocation1);

WikitudeJavaClass = new AndroidJavaClass("");


and in my java class:

var geoObject1 = new AR.GeoObject(geoLocation1)

static Location GetGeoObjectLocation()


return geoObject.location;



I guess my answer was a little bit misleading. 

* The Wikitude Unity plugin does not support GeoObjects 

* Instead you can use the Wikitude SDK (JavaScript API), which does not run with Unity, but where you can create your app natively or with one our extensions for crossplatform tools.


We have great news!

Starting with Wikitude SDK 8.6, and thanks to PendAR – augmented reality partner of Wikitude, developers can now use LBAR to create Geo-AR experiences in no time in Unity3D.

You can download the plugin from here.

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