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Helicopter Demo wikitude app

Helicopter Demo wikitude app


I need to create a app similar to the helicopter demo available on below link:

I am not able to correlate it with the samples given in Wikitude SDK.

My main doubt in this demo is that when app recognises the helicopter image it does two things after that:

1). Display three labels

2).When we point camera to these labels an html pop up,video or a 3D model is displayed with more information.

What approach i should follow in order to display such labels(first). And How do i recognize these points in order to display further details. Please give me an insight so that i can start my project.





you can find details on how this 'Crosshair' functionality can be implementated here:




I have tried the sample code in the above link. But i couldn't see autoclick happening with this piece of code.

Can you please give some explanation for the code so that i can figure out how i have to use it.

My requirement is that a crosshair sign should appear in the center of camera and then it perform an autoclick and i should be able to display certain information upon autoclick.

Please suggest.

as Nicola statet the sample simulates a click to the center of the screen, any further functionality needs to be implemented manually, depending on your requirements.


var clickScreenCenter = function clickScreenCenterFn() {
var centerX = ((window.innerWidth) / 2);
var centerY = ((window.innerHeight) / 2);
var event = {
event.preventDefault = function() { /* Intentionally Left Blank */ };

if (AR && AR.js && && {;

setTimeout(clickScreenCenter, 1000);




I tried the piece of code that you have posted but it doesn't work.

I want to auto-trigger the onclick event of imageDrawable overlayed on top of the target image when target image is in the center of camera.

This code suggested by you is for auto click event,but it doesn't work in my scenario.Any suggestion?

Please help me as this is a long pending issue for me.



I recommend you to fire the described event solely when target is inFieldOfVision.
You may e.g. set a targetRecognized-flag when target is recognized and set the flag to false once onExitFieldOfVision fires.

The center-click may run every 1 second but solely trigger the "virtual click" when "targetRecognized"-flag is true.

best regards


Auto click functionality works well with the given code, Thank you for your support.

I have another query related to auto-click functionality. I have multiple drawables and each has on-click event associated with it.

I need to trigger the on-click event of a drawable if center of the android camera focus on it. If this is the case of single drawable with an on-click event, it is simple to make use of auto-click feature. But in case of multiple drawables, where each of the drawables are having an on-click event associated with it. How do I trigger the on-click event of a drawable by using auto-click feature? Let me know if my query is still not clear. Hope to hear back soon on this query. Thanks again for great support.




Please let AR.GeoObject's onClick method return true so only the nearest object's onClick method fires.

Hope that helps.
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