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Unable to view my markers in Android but in iOS markers are visible

Unable to view my markers in Android but in iOS markers are visible

For testing I create the demo android project with the native android wikitude sdk,I get the device GPS location and place the 10 marker near location as in sdk sample code. It is also works fine. All marker are visible properly.

I also create the sample phonegap project using the code of wikitude phonegap sdk sample. It is worked properly in iOS, all marker is visible but in Android marker are not visible. I use the Samsung S3,Sony Xperia T for the testing. But markers are not display in both of devices.

I get the GPS location properly in both android devices. There is no error in logcat but marker is not visible.

Please help me for sloving this problem.

thanks in advances.....



I am using the wikitude phonegap plugin in my project. I am able to place all marker with radar view in iOS but when I run the app in Android platform marker is not display. I am able to get all poi data (latitude,longitude,title and description) correctly. I use the marker.js from sample.

I also notice that When I set the wikitudePlugin.setLocation(); it will not call the World.locationChanged(). But in iOS it is working fine.

Any idea about the my problem.


Please have a closer look at the lat/lon values that are used in your experience. If the POIs are e.g. visible in your radar but not the AR view, the cullingDistance might be the issue. You can try to enlarge it by calling AR.context.scene.cullingDistance = XXXXXX; and use a high value for XXX (e.g. 100000)
which increases the radius of models to render (compare API Documentation)

Hi Nicola,

Thanks for the response.

I get the current location using cordova plugin and place the 10 marker near about as in wikitude sample. I am able to see the all lat/long in console. 

POI is also not visible in my radar in android. But in iOS,POI is visible in both radar and Ar View.

I also try set the "AR.context.scene.cullingDistance = 100000;" but markers are still not visible in android. 

I also attached the all JS files of my demo phonegap project for you.

In attched zip, there is three js files

1. index.js - It is used to load the AR world.

2. marker.js - It is used to place the marker in Ar View.

3. poiatlocation.js 

In this demo i am not using the radar view.

Thanks for your support.


Is the sample app working on these devices as expected - meaning if you install the wikitude sample app, do the markers show up on the S3,Sony Xperia T? If so then please recheck the sample app implementation and the documetation section for the cordova documentation (especially the POI sample documentation) for differences to your implementation.

Thx and greetings

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