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Help with 3D Rotation

Help with 3D Rotation


So i've been working in an app for the last couple of months. For a specific part i need to dislay different faces of a cube-like object. I have some questions about how the rotation works.

When you pass the parameters roll, tilt, and heading for rotate to the model, are you doing a world rotation (the whole "scene") or just the object (based on the origin that you define in the 3D modelling process)? Is rotation imposed or "additive" (if i set the values of rotate, get a rotation, then modifiy it somehow (like you do in the snaptoscreen example in the sdk by using a gesture), and then reset the parameters to those i started with, Will i get the same display as in the first step?).

Those are the questions I have for know. I really like this subject and I am open to discussion. Maybe share some of the hacks (even if they are mental) that you have found to do this transformations easier.

Have a nice day :)

Hi Sergio,

You can set (not add!) the rotation for every frame in the normal rendering mode. In the snap-to-screen mode the set rotation is not used for rendering; instead the user?s gestures modify the rotation in and additive way. However, one cannot influence this behaviour from outside, i.e., from the ARchitect world or Javascript.


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