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I have a display problem points of interest using local data, the same as in the Wikitude SDK file, I just change the values  of altitude, longitude and latitude. and I add the radius where I developed with displays AR.ActionRange with rayoon 500.




var myJsonData = ;



thank you

I am developing it on Wiko Androi 4.2.2 

Anyone has the same problem? How to solve this?


thank you



Hi there!

Not sure if I got you right, but please check the foloowing:

* AR.context.scene.cullingDistance may be needs to be increased to also render POIs with distance >50km
* Does the SDK sample app work as expected? Please check if location update was fired (debug native code and check "architectView.setLocation"-execution)
* Use Android Remote debugging to check if JavaScript errors occurred.

Kind regards,

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