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any limitations of adding target images ?

any limitations of adding target images ?

hi , 

1. what is the maximum limit of adding target images in wikitude studio ?

2. when i scan target image , i want to play audio file or 360 view images its possible ?

3. when i scan the target images we want redirect to custom URL ?

4. can we put datas in our own ftp ?


please let me know this our major requiremets, please let me know , if this suitable for us , we want go to lisenced , thank you .


1. Studio pricing is based on number of target images used - the biggest package is for 1000 images

2. Audio and 360 sphere models are currently not possible within Studio

3. You can add different augmentations with a custom url (e.g. buttons, clickable images, etc.). Redirecting to a custom url without the need of interaction is not possible with Studio at the moment

4. yes, you can download the Studio project files and e.g. upload the project files to your server or package it with the application. Please check the Studio Export options for more details.



hi Nicola Radacher ,

Thank you once again , we will discuss ,and let you know  soon.
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