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Retrieve tracking coordinates.

Retrieve tracking coordinates.


With the upcoming release of our SDK we will introduce a new Plugins API, which should meet the requirements of your use case. Find more information about our release here:




Any news about this ?

Is it possible to get the screen coordinate of a target ?



Hi there!

Currently the sdk supports triggers that allow you to detect when a target was recognized (onEnterFieldOfVision - trigger) and also allows you to check the distance to the target while tracking (distanceToTarget.onDistanceChanged - trigger)

Currently it is not possible to check the current screen coordinates of your target image using the sdk. However we are currently working on a feature for the upcoming sdk release, which will allow you to fulfill your use case.

Stay tuned,



I would like to retrieve at run-time, in my application, some tracking informations, for example whether the image target is recognized or not, where the target is being recognized relative to the screen coordinates, maybe the rotation of the target and so on. 

I need this type of information to modify the pose of my drawable according to the tracking state. It is possible to have this type of informations or I have to delegate all to the SDK to adjust my drawable on the screen?

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