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I Can't Playing video Overlay_Please help

I Can't Playing video Overlay_Please help

Hello WIKITUDE Developer

I trying to play video overlay my target but always reviving file format or MIME not support and it can't work .

Only video work full screen in YouTube and vemeo.

I using Wikitude studio paid account and it useless for me if can't play overlay video.

Please help me ASAP


Dear Hany,

First - we would really appreciate it if you would not open different forum threads asking the same question. To answer your question about the format: did you check the video documentation. Here are the details:

To support all platforms make sure to use a H.264 encoded video with a maximum resolution of 720p (1280x720 pixel).

H.264 defines different profiles. Make sure that you are using either one of the following




If the profile differs Android devices will most certainly misbehave (fail to play or crash entirely) when playing back those videos.

Keep in mind that URLs from video hosting services need to point directly to the H.264 encoded video file. Standard YouTube and Vimeo URLs (like will not work for this purpose.

Should you need anything further, just let me know anytime.


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