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Updated to WikitudeSDK_iOS_4_0_2 2 and App stopped working

Updated to WikitudeSDK_iOS_4_0_2 2 and App stopped working


I have just updated to a latest iOS SDK  - WikitudeSDK_iOS_4_0_2_2 and our App stopped working properly. The "onLoaded" is not called on Tracker object. If I downgrade to the previouse SDK WikitudeSDK_iOS_4_0_2 things start working properly. When I upgrade to a new one WikitudeSDK_iOS_4_0_2_2, "onLoaded" is never called. I wonder what has changed that makes my code break? 

- I am using iPhone 5, iOS 8.1.1

- WTAugmentedRealityMode_GeoAndImageRecognition is supported. The code below prints 1. 

 NSLog(@"IS SUPPORTED: %d",);


- Here is how I load up ArchitectWorld:           


tracker = new AR.Tracker(wtcFileUrl, {

onLoaded: function loaded()



    worldLoaded(); // Never gets called



onError: function myOnError()





Thank you!




Hi Sergey,
Where do you have the WikitudeSDK_iOS_4_0_2_2 downloaded from? Official release or developer release channel?

Best regards


Hi Andreas, 

Thank you for your quick reply. I have downloaded a new version of SDK for iOS from this URL: This version is newer than what I have. For several month I used to use version:

Sorry, for the confusion with version number.

Why do you think onLoaded does not get called as soon as I update to SDK version WikitudeSDK_iOS_4.0.2_2014-10-17_15-56-38?  I have tried loading wtc from remote URL as well as from local path. Same issue. But if I put back Wikitude framework from a previous version WikitudeSDK_Android_4.0.2_2014-08-20_13-53-02 and update from WTAugmentedRealityMode_GeoAndImageRecognition backto WTAugmentedRealityMode_Geo. Things start working properly...




WikitudeSDK_Android*** will never work on iOS ;)

The version from october, 17 should work without any problems. Can you please make sure that your project is using the iOS SDK from october 17, rebuild the app and test again?! If the problem still exists, please create a demo project with which we can reproduce the issue and send it over to



Andreas, thank you very much for your message. Please forgive me for delayed reply. I was away. Yes, I will create a small project and will share with you to have a look. 

Thank you Andreas!

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