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pois on the floor

pois on the floor

Greetings ..

I hope you can help me when I  visualize my pois from a far distance works perfectly, but when I 'm close to the coordinates of the points my pois are on the floor, because it can be, I would appreciate any help .. thanks


Hi Edgar,

Did you provide altitude values with the POIs? In this case, if the altitude reading from your phone is higher than the altitude values from your POIs, they will appear as if they'd be on the floor.



Hola Edgar, puedes mandarme tu código para visualizar cómo estás indicando que se muestren los Puntos de interés? 




Greetings ..

my pois only have latitude and longitude,

pd. not always well displayed, it is 40% of the time I try, to 60% works well, maybe I'm doing something wrong in the configuration when you get the location, this is the part of code that I have there:


public void onLocationChanged( final Location location ) {

// forward location updates fired by LocationProvider to architectView, you can set lat/lon from any location-strategy


                if (location!=null) {


// sore last location as member, in case it is needed somewhere (in e.g. your adjusted project)

AbstractArchitectCamActivity.this.lastKnownLocaton = location;

if ( AbstractArchitectCamActivity.this.architectView != null ) {

// check if location has altitude at certain accuracy level & call right architect method (the one with altitude information)

if ( location.hasAltitude() && location.hasAccuracy() && location.getAccuracy()<1) {

AbstractArchitectCamActivity.this.architectView.setLocation( location.getLatitude(), location.getLongitude(), location.getAltitude(), location.getAccuracy() );

} else {

AbstractArchitectCamActivity.this.architectView.setLocation( location.getLatitude(), location.getLongitude(), location.hasAccuracy() ? location.getAccuracy() : 1000 );





Saludos Ándres Sanz, y la parte dej .js o la parte java??? el inconveniente que tengo creo es al momento de obtener la ubicación, cada vez que se actualiza porque en ocaciones funciona muy bien y en otras como en la imagen..

Hola Edgar necesito la parte de los ".js" ya que uso el plugin de phonegap, por cierto en los ejemplos que muestra wikitude hay una palabra reservada que igual y te sirve para mantener la altitud constante. (AR.CONST.UNKNOWN_ALTITUDE;). Saludos 

Hola estoy implementando un ejemplo de los Samples de Wikitude para Android (Browsing pois-Reloading Poi Data) y quisiera saber especificamente (clase o javascript) donde coloco "AR.CONST.UNKNOWN_ALTITUDE" para estandarizar la altura, mi aplicacion funciona bien indoors pero cuando quiero probar la aplicacion al aire libre cerca de los puntos creados estos se ven dibujados en el piso.


Gracias por la ayuda.


Hi I am implementing an example of Samples Wikitude Android (Browsing pois-Poi Reloading Data) and would like to know specifically where I put "AR.CONST.UNKNOWN_ALTITUDE" to standardize the height, my application works well indoors but when I want to test the application outdoors near the points created these are drawn on the floor.



Please check the documentation and this forums post to get further details on how to work with the Altitude.


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