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No models,videos,images displayed Wikitude+Phonegap

No models,videos,images displayed Wikitude+Phonegap


I have setup Phonegap locally(not phonegap build) with wikitude plugin and the Sample Project(1_ImageRecognition_1_ImageOnTarget) is  loaded into my android device with no errors . However I do not see any of the overlay models ,images or videos when I scan the target image(s).


But I do hear a sound from the  video when I scan the image for the other sample project but nothing is still displayed. I am confused as to  why this is occurring as it  seems to be building locally with no errors and  I think it is recogninsing the target images.


I have not changed/edited the code for the Sample Project. 


I would really appreciate any help,advice or assistance.




Hi, I need some more informations about this issue:

- are you using the latest version of Phonegap and the wikitude Plugin?
- on which device and android version are you currently testing the sample application?
- can you try with the sample application included in our SDK download if the results are the same?


Yes I am using the lastest versions of phonegap and wikitude plugin(4.0.0)

I have tested on a nexus 4( kitkat 4.4.4 ) and  a acer tablet(ic 4.2.2) with both the same result.

I have tried all the project in the sample app found in the sdk download.

However when I enter the world url(I used as test) it displays the website over the camera view.

I have inserted an alert when an image is scanned and this works, but there are no overlays or models displayed(images and models provided in the samples assets).





Does your device show an "unlicensed" watermark?

If that's the case, you probably deleted the license key from the javascript file. Without this key not all features are working.

Hi Gabriele,

Thanks for the reply!

Yes it does show "unlicenced SDK" watermark, and I have not deleted the licence key  (it is empty and says "PLEASE-ENTER-YOUR-LICENCE-KEY-HERE")  but I wanted to use the trial version at the moment and on the Wikitude Documentation it is  stated that "By default the Wikitude SDK is shipped with a trial license (empty license key), which enables all features of the Wikitude SDK but displays a watermark across the AR view."

From my understanding the features should work and samples project should display the models/images/videos but would have a watermark display accross?is this correct?

I am doing this as part of my university masters project would I be able to get education licence key? and I have tried this but I only get a trial key.





The license key should not be empty, the sample application also contains a file "com.wikitude.phonegapsamples.lic.signed" with the right key, and the generation script should copy that string into the source file.

On which operating system are you building the test application?

You could try downloading the source code again into another directory and executing the script there, or copying the license key from the "signed" file into the source code.

Hi Gabriele,

I copied the generated trial key into the licence key, and it WORKS  now. :D

Would the education license remove the "trial" watermark?

THANK YOUR for all  your help!



Yes, the watermark is only visible if you are using the SDK without a full license.

If you need an educational license, you should contact our sales team, details are here:

Ok sure,THANK YOU for your help and time Gabriele!!!
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