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Updating JQuery Mobile to 1.4.3 loses geoObject onClick

Updating JQuery Mobile to 1.4.3 loses geoObject onClick


I am stuck with very wiered issue. In our project we are using Jquery Mobile 1.4.3.

I am using wikitude and I copied sample for presenting details, where we click on POI and details panel come out.

It works well with JQuery Mobile 1.3.2, but it does not work with 1.4.3

POIs get loaded but onClick function does not get executed when I click on it.

Can you please help?



Hi Nisha,

Changing the CSS and JS imports of our provided samples may cause issues.
JQuerys latest update comes with severas updates in UI and API.
We needed to put some extra effort for panel sliding and "click through" handling in version 1.3.2  (custom "jquery-mobile-transparent-ui-overlay.css" and in code customizations for the panel sliding.
Although upcoming SDK version 4.0 will not come with updated jquery libraries, we'll put it on our feature-requirements and schedule it for Q3.

Kind regards,
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