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Unable to play video from a web-server on Google Glass

Unable to play video from a web-server on Google Glass

Issue: Unable to play a video on the webserver using AR.context.startVideoPlayer(link);






- Video file provided is one that comes with wikitude samples.

- Video runs fine locally inside assets/video.mp4 on Google Glass

- The same video fails to play from a webserver and gives the following error:

"Sorry, could not load video file or stream"

- The same video plays from a webserver on an Android Phone(Nexus 5)

- Audio file on the webserver runs fine on Google Glass

Is this a know issue or is there something I might be doing wrong?
Awaiting your respone or suggestions regarding this issue.
Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Hi Saunil!

Wikiutde SDK for Google Glass is based on default Wikitude Android SDK.
Please ensure to have very latest firmware installed.
Videos are played using in built Android MediaPlayer - It would therefore be great if you can check if yo can play the file using the system applications.

Note that upcoming Wikitude SDK 4.0 will come with an updated SDK sample app with card-adapter, you meanwhile have to e.g. overwrite the very first IR sample to launch a specific SDK sample or define custom launcher filter.

Kind regards,


I'm happy to announce that the new Wikitude SDK for Google Glass is now online for you to download.

We're keen to get your feedback!


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