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Android tablet for AR?

Android tablet for AR?

Will you recommend us some cheap Android tablet which has all the necessary sensors for AR?

I suppose it must have rear camera, GPS, G-sensor, compass ?

Hi there!

You may use

- Google Nexus 7
- Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10"
- LG G Pad 8.3
- Sony Xperia Tablet 10"

Almost every Tablet sold post Mid 2013 is AR-ready and comes with a rear facing camera, GPS, openGL 2.0, compass and a good CPU.
The list above is a random pick without any meaning in order.

Kind regards,

Samsung SM-T231 is not supporting Latest Android SDK JavaScript. Please help me out. 

AR at Google Nexus 7 works fine but AR at Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 WiFi(SM-T530), which we have also bought, does not work :(

According to the technical specification, this device has a digital compass but no compass app does not work.


I am about to buy a tablet for creating augmented reality app as part of my university project and
I would like to know if gyroscope sensor is necessary for augmented reality apps in open areas for the new features like SLAM techology ?

I have just bought Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and AR does not work. The objects are still at the same position when I turn around.

Wikitude does not support this device?

Are you using the latest version of our SDK (4.0)?

Are you testing the standard sample application or another app?

Does the same application work on some other device (android smartphone?)


I have tested our app (with SDK 3.3) and your app Wikitude from Google play.

On other Android device it works without problems.

Does the problem only affect the geo-location samples? Did you try image recognition too?

Have you already tried restarting the device once?

It could be a problem of this device, maybe the GPS or compass is not working. Please check with some other compass application if the digital compass is working.

We currently don't have a Galaxy Note 8 and can't test it, but looking at the Samsung web site there seems to be a lot of different version of this tablet, and some of them (for example, the Galaxy Note 8 N5100ZWAITV and N5110ZWAITV sold in Italy) have no compass. I know that at least another customer has issues with this specific device.


yes we recommend that your device includes a gyroscope. Are there any devices without?
all smartphones and tablets that have touch screen have accelerometer , but not all of them have gyroscope . Mostly devices with cost starting from 200$ have gyro sensor.Thanks for reply , I have bought a xperial z3 tablet with included gyro sensor.

The device has a compass (in specification of the e-shop where we have bought it) but some other technical problems appear so we just send it back to the seller :)

We will buy some other device (New Google Nexus 7 16GB black by ASUS) and hopefully we will be more lucky :)

Lo Que mencionas Es que sí le descargamos Una aplicación brujula a la galaxia tableta podriamos instalarla? de Ser asi Cual aplicación brujula recomiendas? Me Ocurre Lo Mismo con mi Galaxy Tab 47 " SM-T231

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