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Error in loading html from Construct 2

Error in loading html from Construct 2


I don't know if you know the Game Engine Construct 2, but it is a game engine that can export html5 content so the games you make can be played on browsers. However, I tried to tinker the examples and tried to include the html exported from construct 2. However, it wont display and will just display a black area. I had all the necessary files relative to the html file i am loading and it is still not working. Can you guys confirm if html5 from construct is not working? Construct 2 is using canvas and is it supported on Wikitude? Thanks

We have not tested Construct 2 ourselves. Here are a few things to check:

- Is the device you are trying this on capable of running the html inside its native browser?

- Is it working inside the ArchtiectView? Just load it instead of your AR content.

If any answer to the above questions is no, than there is no chance that it will work on the html. Regarding the root cause, please have a look at js debugging tools and consult with the libraries makers to see what web features they need.
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