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Get Target name dyanamically

Get Target name dyanamically

As written in the documentation, the first parameter of the onEnterFieldOfVision is the targetName in case you were using wildcard.



Little up on this post :

Is it possible, once the image has been recognized, to get the target name ? Here's my code : 

var pageOne = new AR.Trackable2DObject(this.tracker, "*", {
onEnterFieldOfVision: function () {
if (loaded = true) {
console.log("Target name : " + this.targetName);
var redirection = new AR.context.openInBrowser("");



Hi Prashant,
It's currently not possible to exchange the target name of a Trackable2DObject. The Trackable2DObject has to know to which target it belongs when it's created.
A possible solution for your problem could be, that you create a array with all your target names in JS and then create 100 Trackable2DObjects in a loop, setting the target name using the value in the array.

Best regards

suppose, i upload 100 images on target manager and export .wtc file from target manager.

and place this file in asset folder 

so my question is how can i place "target name" dyanamically in AR.Trackable2DObject.

var pageOne = new AR.Trackable2DObject(this.tracker, "here i want target name dyanamically from .wtc file when i scan specific file through camera ", {

drawables: {

cam: overlayOne




please give me solution on it..

sorry for bad english..

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