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Error in Converting to Transparent Video

Error in Converting to Transparent Video

I am trying to convert my video using but there is an error. It says " line 8: ffmpeg command not found". Please help me. Thanks!

Please check that the ffmpeg executable is within the same folder as the If you copied the .sh to another folder, you will need to copy ffmpeg as well or just call from the SDK Package folder and use an absolute path for the video.

I typed this on the terminal "sh /Users/danlesternapa/Downloads/ /Users/danlesternapa/Downloads/build.mp4" but still the error persists. I right-clicked on my video, clicked Get Info and copied the path but still no luck on converting. I didn't do anything on the ffmpeg, after extracting the sdk, I already did the conversion. Still no luck.

Can you try to change the last line in so it starts with


instead of just ffmpeg

Let me know if this fixes the problem.

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