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WikitudeSDK 3.2.1 for Androide

WikitudeSDK 3.2.1 for Androide

Hello every body,

I'm working with wikitude sdk 3.2.1 for android and I followed the documentation. But When I run my application I'm getting these errors:

CameraHal Error while configuring rotation 0x80001005

Web Concole  Uncaught ReferebceError: AR is not defined at null:1

Do you have any idea how to fix it ?


Hi there!

Did you observe any issue in the experience too? E.g. "black cam", "wrong rotation"... or is it just the log you are worried about?
Which device are you using, what Android version runs on it & have you tested on different Android devices?
Please note that you have to deploy the experience on a real device, emulators are not yet supported.

Kind regards,

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