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BB10 application development using webworks

BB10 application development using webworks
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Thanks for your prompt reply.


To update you we are eagerly looking for AR integration in an BB10 application development using webworks. However, our team is using the same WikiTude sdk for the AR integration in iOS and Android application development.


Further, we tried to run the same wikitude SDK for native application development but we are getting the armv7 error while integrating native AR wikitude SDK for BB10 native application development.

please find below approach taken:

We have used Blackberry 10 Webworks Sdk for the development of the application . Wikitude is the most stable Api in the market for the augmented reality. Wikitude Sdk provides support for BB10 native Sdk and not for BB0 webworks. Further, we decided that. we will create a javascript plugin and native extension using the wikitude BB10 sdk.

1. Wikitude does not provide support for Blackberry 10 Webworks SDK for development .

2. For creating a native or javascript plugin we build up the Wikitude BB10 native sample.
But we encountered issues in architecture.

3. We also tried using phonegap sdk from Wikitude but the phonegap Sdk uses native Android and IOS libraries . So we could not use this approach. 

Links to go through:

Please reply at your earliest feasible time.

Look forward to hear from you.

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