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Inquiry: POI with Video Overlay

Inquiry: POI with Video Overlay

Hi There,

Is it possible to include multiple AR features at the same time?
I'll be working on a project which requires Video overlay, when the videos ends the POI will then dislpaly... 
Is this possible? and if it is.. do you have any pointers in how will this be executed properly.

Looking forward to your responses.


I am not quite sure what you mean by refering to mutliple AR features, but it most definately is possible.


- it is possible to use Image Recognition (AR.Trackable2dObject) and geo based content (AR.GeoObject) together (see our IR and Geo Demo included with the SDK)
- it is possible to use multiple Drawables for a single POI just supply all of them in the property of a AR.GeoObject. You have the possiblity to arrange the drawables using offsetX and offsetY or disable them using their enabled property. Please have a look in the JS API specification and in the POI related examples.

If you have further questions on how to accomplish a specific thing, feel free to post it here anytime.



Hi Wolfgang,

Very much appreciate your responses to my inquiries.
Kindly refer below to elaborate more of the outcome I'm trying to achieve.

Upon recognizing the image via the app created, a video overlay will display.

Once the video finishes, the video then automatically close and then the POI with definite positions should then dispaly.

Is the above scenario possible?

Thank you very much.


That is possible. Have a look at the IR and Geo Demo included with the SDK it does the same thing but uses a button click to show the pois.

You can replace the images with a video and enable/create the POIs once the video is finished. Just assign a function to the VideoDrawable's onFinishedPlaying trigger. As the name suggests it will be called once the video finshed playing.

Hi Wolfgang,

Really do apppreciate your responses to my inquires. 
Will definitely looked into the demo's you've mentioned and hopefully be able to achieve the desired output I'm going for.

Thanks again!


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