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Customising the AR view.

Customising the AR view.



Does any one know how to customize the AR view in wikitude.

We want to open AR view in one fragment, there should be sliding menu available.

Can we add sliding menu on the AR view, can we open the AR view in one fragment.


Also we want to add button on the AR view.Does anyone know how to achive this this.




Jayawant Jagtap


You can use HTML to display static content on top of the AR view (we call it HUD). If you prefere to do it natively in android, you can do this as well. However you will need to port it separately to iOS if you want to support it. Creating it in HTML won't require rewriting that part for iOS.

Have a look at our SDK Samples some use simple HTML elements as overlay and some build a more complex UI using jquery mobile (e.g, 5 Browsing Pois - Detail Screen).
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