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Manage Content Once App is in store

Manage Content Once App is in store

I'm looking at developing an app using the Wikitude SDK and Phonegap. It will be a simple recognise image and show overlay that when clicked will play a video (via YouTube).

What I am wondering is whether Wikitude has the ability that I can create CMS to control the target images and video ids without having to re-submit the app to the store everytime I want to make an update.

The bit I'm a bit stumped on is how the image trackers are created and how I could implement this process in a cms and then get the app to use the updated version on the fly. I'm assuming that I can then just find an image, grab it's id and then load in the correct video id from the database.

Has anyone managed to do anything like this, or is it not possible with Wikitude.

Thanks for your help in advanced


I should note that we need over 100 images to be recognised so the Wikitude Studio is no good as it has a 100 limit.

Hi Mikey,

you are right that the key here is how the tracker files are generated. Basically you can use the two options:

Wikitude Studio

The Target Management Tool

Using the Target Management Tool you can manage as many images as you like and package them into a growing target collection. The images in the target collection are then referenced by id (see the Image Recongition example here
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