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Touch To Scan

Touch To Scan

That is possible by utilizing following functions

onEnterFieldOfVision and onExitFieldOfVision of AR.Trackable2DObject will be triggered whenever an image is recognized or lost.

Any drawable (e.g. AR.ImageDrawable) can be enabled/disabled by setting its enabled property. Disabled drawables won't be displayed and won't react on user interaction.

Screen clicks can be reacted upon by assigning a function to the AR.context.onScreenClicked trigger.

Let me know if you have any more question.


I was wondering if there was a way to delay the displaying of the overlay when the user puts their camera over the target image.

Basically, when the user puts the camera over the image, I want them to touch the screen to start the detecting of the image and then display the overlay, I don't want it to display as soon as the camera is over the image.

Thanks in advance 

Moses Esan
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